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About bridges photography

Our life is full of joys and passions.  Nothing compares to the joys of family, friends, and accomplishments.  One of our favorite passions comes from helping people in remembering those moments that captured your emotions and excitement.  With extreme care, love, creativity, and imagination, Bridges Photography brings back the memories of the past so you can relive those special days with such brilliance, it's as if they only happened yesterday. 

Let's take a walk down the roads of life together, so that you can remember what led you down the path that you're on.  Nothing beats having all of your favorites caught frozen in time.

Photography is one of our passions that grew as our little boys did.  Every parent wishes they could revive the memories of their little ones as they grew bigger each day. We turned the love of watching our boys growing, into a dream of helping others do the same.